The 15th Annual
Survivorman Adventure

Sat. 11/04/23

9AM – 1PM
Camp Moses, General Knox Road Russell, MA
FREE wth Advance Registration before October 31st

Sponsored by
Westfield Scouts
BSA Troops
109, 124, and 821

Come learn about our weekly activities including:
High Adventure Camping, Hiking, Community Involvement and Outdoor Adventures!

Events include:

Rope bridge challenge
Survival shelter building
Obstacle course
Tomahawk throwing
Fire building
And more!

Be Prepared

Dress for weather
Wear hats, gloves, and boots
(sneakers may get wet)
Be prepared to get dirty and have some challenging fun with your friends. Bring a folding seat/chair if you have one.


Homemade Chili, bread and pudding!
Hot and cold drinks will be provided



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I really have to pre-register?

A: Yes, we need a good headcount in order to purchase food and other materials.

Q: Can my six-year old attend?

A: No, some of the events are dangerous, and it will be impossible for us to safely manage and entertain younger children. Please make alternative arrangements.

Q: My son is a Webolos scout, but he’s not in 5th grade until the fall. Can he attend?

A: Yes, all Webelos can participate.

Q: Do I have to be a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or a “wanna be” to participate?

A: No, this is a fun event open to all Westfield boys in grades 5 through 8. If you want information on becoming a Boy Scout, feel free to talk with any of our scouts or adult leaders?

Q: What should I bring?

A: Please dress for the weather. Bring hat, gloves, and boots if you have them. Sneakers will get wet and muddy. Please bring a folding chair for lunch. There are a limited number of stumps/logs to sit on. You may want to bring extra dry or warm clothes just in case you need them — you can always leave them in the car.

Q: When does this start, and when should I arrive?

A: We would like people to start registering at 8:30AM. We expect to have a short opening ceremony at 9:30 and will then proceed with the event rotations. Note: if everyone shows up after 9:15, the check-in process will be slow, and the start time will get pushed back. Please spread out arrival times. We’ll have stuff for you to do to keep busy before the opening ceremony.

Q: How’s this work? Do I just wander around?

A: We will be clustering participants into teams. If you are bringing a group, we will try to make sure you all stay on the same team. Teams will be lead by an experienced Boy Scout who will escort you through all the events. Adults are welcome everywhere, but please remember this is a youth event. The boys will have a more rewarding time if they actually do everything themselves. The youth leaders should be able to handle everything, but they may ask for adults to help with coaching or supervising the participants.

Q: I’ve got to leave early for another committment. Is that a problem?

A: No, but please check-out before leaving so we have an accurate headcount throughout the day.

Q: Is everything outside?

A: All events are outside. Adults will have access to a cabin for coffee and cards if they’d like.

Q: How far away is Camp Moses from downtown Westfield?

A: About 20 minutes.

Q: Do adults really have to stay all day?

A: We need a responsible adult to stay on-site for each group of 8 youth participants. If you’re signing up as a single, you may “hook up” with someone in advance of the event to share the responsibility. Adults will have fun too! If you’re not the “survivor” type, we’ll have a coffee and card area set up for you. Or, if you’d like, you could volunteer to help with some aspect of the event. We will need some help with preparing and serving lunch.

Q: Do adults have to complete a registration form?

A: Yes, we’d like to have emergency contact information for everyone who will be on-site — just in case there is an emergency.

Q: Do I have to climb the monkey bridge.

A: No. Nor do you have to perform anything that you are not comfortable doing.

Q: What if it rains?

A: We’ll tarp what we can, and we’ll get a little wet. Kids have more fun when it’s wet and dirty.  Please dress appropriately. We’ll have several camp fires burning all day to keep us warm. 

Q: What if there is severe weather (such as lightening)?

A: The event will be postponed.

Q: I’m allergic to roadkill and pollywogs. Can I order a tuna melt on marble rye with swiss cheese?

A: No, we cannot take special orders. Please bring a bag lunch.

Q: Really, what’s in the food?

A: Don’t worry. We get the meat from Elm Street butcher. He writes “Roadkill” on the bag, but we think it’s really fresh ground beef. The chili is meat-based with vegetables and medium spices. Extra hot spice will be available for those who need it. 

Survivorman Registration Form

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